Operational Guidance

We are aware of the time necessary in the coordination and of the numerous drawbacks when we apply ourselves to the tasks of Foreign Commerce.

In DrySea S.R.L, we take all our clients’ businesses as if they were our own’s by undertaking all the operational coordination of exports, coordinating in a comprehensive way all the exports tasks such as merchandise withdrawal, overland transport to the port of Buenos Aires or tax warehouses, cargo consolidation in 20’ 40’ STD y 40’ HQ containers, merchandise conditioning and spraying, certificates granted by SENASA and CATEM for the wood used in grain bulk cargos, withdrawal of empty containers and subsequent delivery to port terminals and customs documentation.

The same shall apply to liquid bulk cargos in containers with the provision of internationally approved Flexi-Tank for the different products such as oleins, glycerins, refined oils, etc.

We are experts in the field. We have been working in Exports and Foreign Commerce for over 20 years.

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