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Shipping and Cargo Movements. International Commerce. Operational Guidance.

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Shipping and
Cargo Movements

AV. Pres. Roque Saenz Peña 825 piso 4 Of 47
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+54 11) 5351-0784

Mobile phones:
(+54 11) 15 3432 7000
(+54 11) 15 3432 7001

Shipping and Cargo Movements


Since we are free operators in tax warehouses, we offer pricing benefits to favour our clients over all their transactions.

  • Consolidation of containers of 20' /40' / 40' hc
  • Desconsolidation of containers of 20' / 40' / 40' hc
  • Dry bulk cargoes (through conveyor belts)
  • Liquid bulk cargoes (through pumping)
  • Pallet cargoes
  • Refrigerated cargoes
  • Big bags
  • Bags up to 50 kg. (Peanuts, beans, maize, flours, etc.)
  • Barrels and drums (loose or palletized)
  • Transhipment
  • Lashed general cargo


Cargo Services

We offer a comprehensive and skilled service in sea, land and air cargo. We have the support of our partners to run the permanent high quality service requested by our clients and offer them the most convenient costs for successful and efficient transactions.